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Lack of a strong attack

Le 19 octobre 2016, 05:44 dans Humeurs 0

A few analysts had tabbed USC’s line as among the best in the nation entering the season, but the unit did little to confirm those prognostications early on. Alabama made USC look like a Peewee team. Stanford also controlled the point of attack.

Fortunes began to turn during USC’s three-game winning streak. The Trojans have given up just one sack in that span. They have run for an average of 222 yards per game. The yards per run have increased 30%, from 4.3 to 5.6.

Helton said the linemen have generated a better initial push, which has allowed them to peel off to engage defenders down the field. The cheap NFL jerseys penetration USC saw early on has abated.

“They really are doing a wholesale NFL jerseys really nice job of controlling the line of scrimmage,” Helton said.

The group has had help. An easier schedule has provided less resistance on the defensive front. Quarterback Sam Darnold’s elusiveness can mask protection breakdowns. And Justin Davis’ surge at running back boosted the rushing totals.

But Darnold isn’t the only player avoiding losses. USC has given up just three cheap jerseys tackles for loss per game over the past three games. And Wholesale Washington Redskins jerseys Davis had been running well, but USC ran for wholesale jerseys 320 yards against Arizona when he was injured.

"We are progressing every week," Banner said.

“And we demand it of them,” Helton said. “Credit to them. They’re playing to their level right now. They’re playing to what we expect them. And it needs to continue.”

For the first time since the preseason, USC appeared on the ballots of a few Associated Press top 25 voters.

The Trojans still aren’t close to cracking the actual rankings, but they were listed among "others receiving votes." If the rankings extended far enough, USC would be No. 35.

It’s the first time USC has received any votes during the season. In the preseason ranking, USC was No. 20.

Quick hits


USC will shift its bye-week practices to Cromwell Field at the Loker Track Stadium, in order to help the grass regrow at Howard Jones Field.

A strange dream of adventure

Le 25 août 2016, 12:06 dans Humeurs 0


Dream dream last night, and there is a very fast hardware to escape the assault class virtual reality game world. Game in three people, one is ordinary people will be protected system involved only the game play is similar to visiting the npc; one is the pursuer, the game is to catch up with the target group of evil unscrupulous; one is the rebel, to escape game hunt, it was found also with the hunt group against people. The game will automatically quit the game world is the real world other than human are all virtual reality, people can use a variety of items against each other, will cause each other harm and a certain degree of pain, but not fatal, cause superfluous injury after Secondly, each person is wearing gps locator map and a mobile phone, can accurately determine the specific location of each person, but the picture shows only move on the map, only those who can only see the picture in the hunt rebels. Rules of the game are: ordinary people after touching random items, has a chance to become gbs phone locator, became a rebel who became a rebel hunt to escape the control group to be hit they throw in the towel, or until hunt groups are hit lose. At the beginning of the game is to select the address in Forest Park, I was just an ordinary person, entered the game just for fun, seeking a wonder. I came to a cabin to see next to a bunker outside huts in beating a group of people, led by very arrogant man, said to throw in the towel until the fight to the man, the man has been against, was last seven or eight individuals killed out of the game. Male headed under the ruthless words, next time you encounter resistance, severely beat me. After they left, I came out, saw a slide in the light-emitting small stones, reaching around for some three-dimensional images and sounds when touched, and said I was the 2027 rebels. Knowing the rules of the game, I was scared, wanted to find a place to hide. Kuangpao ran all the way from the map in Avatar least one place. After a child, the scene turned into a system I'm familiar with the place - I live in a small town. I went to a fifth high school, the mountain next to the school is basically no one will know will come, so I hid under a big tree mountain rest, want a solution. To show a girl a while after the machine, I looked in the past did not feel pursuers, who is very beautiful girl, estimated to be still in high school, I stated my case with her, warned her to be careful, do not touch the strange something, she just smiled and walked into the school playground, I asked her are you still practicing in high school? She replied no. I thought born junior high school is estimated to play. After some time, the machine shows a group of boys led by male avatar and avatar moving toward me, and I ran up and running all the way to their home, the stairs, there are knives and iron bars, I put , went to the balcony, the pursuers had got home the door, broke into the house, rushed all the way from the balcony, I decided to make things happen, a Han ran bare hands was going to catch me, and I reached out to him about the iron bar fight halo to the ground, came a man grabbed my iron bar, I took out a knife to stab him, he was rolling on the ground in pain, this one-time to three or four, I went on the roof, agile, went distance, they did not chase, some people fell down, some are not chasing me. I lived for 22 years in the town, I am most familiar, I want to go, be prohibitively difficult! Extension of the river all the way to run until the evening, and saw an aircraft carrier in the carrier, saw there was a girl greeted me, he is willing to help me, so I got more weapons ......


 this dream with writing a fiction (a bit like a Japanese movie Devil's game), vexatious mess, but I really did dream recall everything was so true to type.

In order to escape, in order to survive, in order to forward more than ever to make a run!