<p>The Clippers held the Warriors to 2-of-9 shooting on 3-pointers in the first quarter, but still allowed Golden State to claim 37 points in the stanza. Off-ball cuts to the paint punished Los Angeles, especially those coming from Curry (12 of his 15 first-half points came from cuts to the restricted area). The Clippers typically sell out to run the sharp-shooting Warriors off the line, a strategy that has paid dividends at times but certainly bit them Wednesday night. The middle was open, vulnerable and quickly perforated.</p>

<p>The case reflects the difficulties faced by foreign individuals and companies in protecting their copyrights in China, where domestic firms have long taken a cavalier attitude toward intellectual property.</p>

<p>The Associated Press contributed to this report.</p>

<p>Editor's PicksStrange case of Donatas Motiejunas and the RocketsWhy do Donatas Motiejunas and B.J. Armstrong have a problem with Houston? And what can the Rockets do? We have the key questions and answers on this unique situation.</p>

<p>Rose first suffered back spasms during the Knicks' win over the Miami Heat on Tuesday. He left the game in the third quarter and did not return.</p>cheap nfl jerseys China,

<p>The Cavaliers outscored the Knicks 27-12 in transition, with King James leading the way. James scored 15 of his 25 points in transition, and the rest of the Cavaliers combined to score 12 such points.</p>

<p>Anthony, who is normally affable with the media, maintained a smile but began to walk away from reporters when asked about Jackson's comments before stopping and continuing with questions. He then responded to a query about the timing of the Knicks president's remarks and whether they were productive.</p>

<p>Coach Jeff Hornacek, stuck in the awkward position between disagreeing with his boss or critiquing his star forward, chose a middle ground when asked about Jackson's comments.</p>cheap football jerseys,

<p>"For me, looking at those losses, the ways I could have been better was protecting the rim and rebounding and limiting teams to only one shot," he said. "Those games, teams outrebounded us and I take responsibility in that because that's my role and that's what I bring to this team. Whenever we have games where we get outrebounded, I take that real personal. So I just had to be better."</p>wholesale nfl jerseys China,

<p>Jordan said in a statement that millions of Chinese fans and consumers had always known him by the name Qiaodan and that he was happy the court recognized his right to protect his name.</p>

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